These people were all struck by lighting and these are pictures of the scars it left.

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Every time I see Elizabeth i’s signature I get absurdly happy cause I just imagine her signing her name and doing a little twirly and then pausing and then adding a few more twirlies
“your majesty perhaps thats enough twirls” suggests William Cecil
“perhaps Im the motherfuckin queen” suggests elizabeth and adds 6 more

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Part of being a grown-up fantasy dork is accepting that sometimes you’ll get a last-minute invitation to a casual dragon party and you just have to work with what’s in your closet.



I give you the rhinoceros beetle chair… awesome!

Designer: Maximo Riera

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I have no words to put here.. I just.. hum

Burn Gorman being an adorable fucking nerd

I tried SO HARD not to reblog this, but no. Enthusiastic Burn Gorman is basically mind control.

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I wasn’t going to buy these socks, but then Stacker Pentecost appeared in my head and was all “Haven’t you heard, Lex? The winter is coming to an end. So where would you rather warm your toes - here, or IN A JAEGER?”

There’s only one right answer to that question.



"What about when you get old?"
Tattooed Seniors answer the question.

"I’ll still be awesome"

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nakedghosts asked: I choose to believe you are actually green and only paint yourself human-colored to blend in.

Oh, you. :-)


End-of-the-day convention bathroom selfies of the revised goblin outfit, now with 300% more bird parts.